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Lucky Tickets

Australians love to take a chance. Could your fundraising reveal Lady Luck by selling lucky tickets? How it works? Lucky...

Kiss a Pig Fundraiser

Kiss a Pig Fundraiser Many schools have had success with the Kiss a Pig fundraiser.  Here’s how it works… Approach...

Organising a Toad or Cockroach Race

If you live in Queensland, you'll have no shortage of cane toads, if you live in NSW, you'll have no shortage of cockroaches - is somebody asking about Stage of Origin?

Running a Silent Auction at Your Next Event

Silent auctions are an ideal additional fundraiser to run in conjunction with a major event. There are many ways of customising a silent auction to your needs. Here we outline the basics.

Stall Ideas

Here are some fabulous ideas for stalls that you can have at your Fete. Amusement rides, candle making, stick lotto, stairway to heaven, ring a bottle, lob the dunny roll and many more.

Craft Stall Ideas

Craft Stall Ideas  Stuck for some ideas of what to make for your craft stall? Check out these great items...