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Fete Profile: Holy Family Indooroopilly Fete

Holy Family Primary School Community Fete was busy and non-stop the whole time!

More Craft Stall Ideas

Here is a great idea for a craft stall, certain to be a hit. Easy to make, and you have the perfect target audience to sell into! It's one of many fun fete craft stall idea.

4074 Community and Beyond Family Fun Day Profile

Don’t be scared to ask for help. A lot of things I did myself because I didn’t want to burden people, I should have reached out a lot more. You will be surprised with some of the things you will receive.

Fete Forms and Templates

Fete Forms/Templates/Downloads: Fete Convenor’s List.xls Volunteer Roster.xls Equipm Fete Committee List.xls ent Order Form.xls Purchase Approval/Expense Claim Form.doc First Aid...

Organising a Toad or Cockroach Race

If you live in Queensland, you'll have no shortage of cane toads, if you live in NSW, you'll have no shortage of cockroaches - is somebody asking about Stage of Origin?

Fete Profile: Mt Evelyn Primary School

The PA at Mt Evelyn Primary School run regular fundraising throughout the year, however, the Fair is help every second year, and organized by a specifically formed 'working group'.

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