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fete drawing competition poster

Drawing Competition Idea

A great way to get the kids excited and involved in fete preparations is to have a drawing competition. You can incorporate their drawings in the fete promotional posters...

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risk management plan pic2

Risk Management Plans for Fete Stalls

Please find below Risk Management Plans for popular school-run fete stalls. These are all word documents so it will be very easy for your convenors to update and change...

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Backpack Pins

Backpack pins

This has been provided to us by The Spotlight Inspiration Room Materials: • large safety pins or kilt pins • large alphabet beads • assorted plastic beads • clear...

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String Art

Perfect for a Kid’s craft stall!

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AAC ID Solutions wristbands

How wristbands can benefit your event

By Fiona There are many elements to juggle when preparing for your fete to make sure that everything falls into place, and your fete is remembered by all as...

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Spotlight bunny pin

Beaded bunny pin

These are so cute…and easy for the kids to do!

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value_for_money ed pic 080512

Why sponsoring a fete or community event is excellent value for money

Sponsorship: the word probably conjures up images of big corporates and high-profile sporting teams. But sponsorship is so much more! Sponsorship is a great way for a community group...

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tomato sauce

Ordering supplies in bulk

Every domestic goddess knows that one way to stretch the family budget is to buy non-perishables in bulk. That same economic principle applies to fundraising events so that what...

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Coloured air balloons

Committee After Party

An absolute army of volunteers commit time and energy into pulling off big fundraising events like school fetes or community festivals. And they deserve thanks. That should go without...

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Kids enjoying the camel rides at the Success Primary School Fete

Fete Showcase: Success Primary School

  We spoke to Michelle Gilmore, 2011 Fete Convenor for Success Primary School, and received the inside goss on what they did and how they did it. Read on...

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About Fetes & Festivals

Welcome to the Fetes & Festivals™ - This resource has been designed to assist anyone involved in organising an outdoor event from a small school fete to a company picnic to a national festival for thousands. Locate suppliers for everything from amusement rides to wristbands. Browse our comprehensive "How to Organise a Fete" guide. You can order your copy of the Fundraising Directory 2011 with its state-by-state Fetes & Festivals guide by phoning 1300 653 305.

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Affordable Rides 2011 Profile

Affordable Rides > One of Brisbane’s largest suppliers with over 40 rides including Sizzler, High Flyer, Paratrooper, Dominator. We can organise your mobile animal farm, pony rides, stage hire and more.

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