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Fete Profile – Bulimba State School

Bulimba State School Fete Name: Rae School: Bulimba State School Event Date: 13 September 2014 – run every second year Hours your fete is open: 10am – 6pm How many students attend your...

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Fete Profile – Burra Community School

Name: Tanya Williams School: Burra Community School – Reception to Year 12. Reception to Year 7 is the biggest part of the school. Event Date: Friday 24 October 2014 How many students...

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Fete Profile – Chapel Hill State School

Fun School Fete Ideas with Chapel Hill State School Name: Anne Crozier. School: Chapel Hill State School. Event Date: 6 September 2014. How many students attend your school? 720. Approximately how many people...

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Fete Profile – Grose View Public School

School Fete Ideas with Grose View Public School Name: Jessica Wagner School: Grose View Public School Event Date: Sunday, 12 October 2014 How many students attend your school? Approx 270 Approximately how many...

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Fete Profile – Narangba Valley State School

Fun School Fete Ideas with Narangba Valley State School   Name: Kathryn Hopgood School: Narangba Valley State School Event Date: 13/9/14 How many students attend your school? 1,100 Approximately how many people attended...

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Best Fete Fundraisers? Review – Our Lady of the Way

Best fete fundraisers or not so good? Read a fete review from a visitor’s perspective

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Ask your fete Question

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How to Organise a Fete

We are very excited to present a FREE guide to organising a fete. The Fete Guide  includes checklists, templates and downloads!

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fete drawing competition poster

Drawing Competition Idea

A great way to get the kids excited and involved in fete preparations is to have a drawing competition. You can incorporate their drawings in the fete promotional posters...

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risk management plan pic2

Risk Management Plans for Fete Stalls

Please find below Risk Management Plans for popular school-run fete stalls. These are all word documents so it will be very easy for your convenors to update and change...

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