‘Fete In A Box’

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‘Fete In A Box’ is the ultimate resource for organisers of community events. We have put together over a hundred ‘how-to’ guides, templates, links and downloads to make your job as easy as it possibly can be! And the best part is… it’s all free! See whats inside the ‘Box’ below.

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‘Fete in a Box’ Contents

  1. Fete Organiser Guide
  2. Supplier Brochures
  3. Committee Resources
  • Guide for Fete Convenor
  • Guide for Publicity Officer
  • Guide for Secretary
  • Guide for Site Convenor
  • Guide for Sponsorship Convenor
  • Guide for Treasurer
  • Risk Management Templates
  • Guides for stall convenors
    • Guide for Bar Convenor
    • Guide for BBQ Convenor
    • Guide for Book Stall Convenor
    • Guide for Cake Stall Convenor
    • Guide for Cent Auction Stall Convenor
    • Guide for Chocolate Wheel Convenor
    • Guide for Coffee Shop/Cafe Convenor
    • Guide for Drinks Stall Convenor
    • Guide for Entertainment Convenor
    • Guide for Food Stall Convenor
    • Guide for Glow Product Stall Convenor
    • Guide for Grocery Raffle Convenor
    • Guide for Money Tree Convenor
    • Guide for Plant Convenor
    • Guide for Rides Convenor
    • Guide for Showbag Stall Convenor
    • Guide for Side Show Alley Convenor
    • Guide for Snow Cones/Fairy Floss Stall Convenor
    • Guide for Sweet Stall Convenor
    • Guide for Trash n Treasure Convenor

4. Downloadable Resources

  • All Day Ride Pass Order Form
  • Arm-Band Order Form
  • Assistance for Fete Letter
  • Bulk Supplies Order Form
  • Cake Competition Entry Form
  • Cent Auction Prize Sheet
  • Cent Auction Record Sheet
  • Chocolate Donation Letter
  • Chocolate Wheel Fete Day Checklist
  • Coffee Shop Donation Request
  • Coffee Shop Cafe Checklist
  • Donations for Book Stall
  • Entertainment Schedule
  • Equipment Order Form
  • Expenses Record Form
  • Fete Committee List
  • Fete Convenors List
  • Fete Planning
  • First Aid Roster
  • Float Option Request Letter
  • Food Stall Donation Letter
  • Graphic Designer Brief
  • Grocery Order Form
  • Grocery Raffle Fete Day Numbers
  • Grocery Raffle Fete Day Tickets – Merge Instruction for Word 2008/2011
  • Grocery Raffle Fete Day Tickets
  • Grocery Raffle Flyer
  • Grocery Raffle Fete Day Flyer – Merge Instruction for Word 2008/2011
  • Guidelines for instructing a graphic designer
  • Handover Sheet
  • Income Record Sheet
  • Ingredient Labels
  • MC Run Sheet
  • Media Release
  • Meeting Notes
  • Money Tree Fete Say Numbers
  • Money Tree Fete Day Tickets – Merge Instruction for Word 2008/2011
  • Money Tree Raffle Flyer
  • Plant Stall Donations
  • Presentation Information for Cakes
  • Presentation Information for Sweet Stall
  • Purchase Approval Form
  • Raffle Flyer Ticket Numbers
  • Sponsorship Introduction Letter
  • Sponsorship Proposal
  • Sponsorship Spreadsheet
  • Stall Float Notice
  • Stall Summary of Cash Movements
  • Stationery List for Convenors
  • Stationery Order Form
  • Suggestions for recognition of sponsors
  • Summary of income expenses
  • Tips in seeking sponsorship
  • Treasury Summary
  • Volunteer Letter for Book Stall
  • Volunteers Roster

Bonus Links

Some extra handy links to keep you up to date with the latest rules and Fete Profiles.


Good luck with your event!


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