Kiss a Pig Fundraiser

Kiss a Pig Fundraiser

Many schools have had success with the Kiss a Pig fundraiser.  Here’s how it works…

Approach your principal, teachers and admin staff to participate in this fun event. They must agree to kiss a pig in front of the entire school.

What you need:

  1. You will need three of four candidates and only one will be picked as the lucky ‘kisser”.   Make sure you candidates are well known to the kids and good sports.
  2. A pig – Make sure you book an animal farm for your fete and have them provide the piggy to be kissed. If your mobile farm doesn’t have a piggy, look for another animal – a camel from the camel rides or a donkey make great substitutes.
  3. Secure jars for donations
  4. A way to display where each candidate is positioned in the raising funds.  This will encourage them, and others, to boost the other candidates to get them in the lead.

How to ‘play’:

The kisser will be the person who raises the most money in the fundraising drive.  Your candidates don’t actively raise money, they don’t want to have to kiss the pig so they don’t want to raise the most money!  What they can do is raise money on their opponents’ behalf!

You can commence this fundraiser well in advance of your fete.

You will need to place secure jars, each marked with your candidates’ names, in secure areas around your school.  Anyone can vote for the candidates by placing money or pledge forms, into the jars.

On the day of the fete, set up a ‘Kiss a Pig’ stall.  Make it really bright and fun with lots of colour and balloons and have large photos of your candidates. Make sure you promote the event throughout the day – “The lucky pig kisser will be the candidate who raises the most money!”. Kids will go all out to ensure their principal has to kiss the pig!

You can have this event as the grand finale for the day and you will be able to collect money right up until the last minute.
This is a great community spirit builder and the kids will get a great kick from seeing their teacher have to kiss the pig.

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